Lash extensions


Lash Extensions by Aileen

Some food for thought from Hello Birdie lash artist Aileen:

Do you ever wonder why your lashes never look exactly like someone else’s?

No ones natural lashes are exactly the same as another so of course no ones lash extensions will be either! Shape, size, and color?!!! We’re all our own version of beautiful! I love when our clients bring in pictures because it gives us an idea of what style they are going for but most of the time the outcome isn’t always exactly the same. If you see a friend who has super long and thick lash extensions chances are their natural lashes are naturally long and thick. From classic lashes, volume lashes, thicknesses, lengths to the type of curl, there are many options when it comes to lash extensions. it’s important to talk to your lash artist about which will work best for you. Take into consideration the advice your artist may give you during your consultation.

Health is always our number one priority! Your lashes may not be strong enough to hold those extra thick extra long lash extensions without being damaged. Lash extensions enhance natural beauty and we only make your lashes as dramatic as your natural lashes can handle. So if you end up with more natural lashes than expected just remember that your lash look starts with your own unique beauty. We’re just lucky enough to be a part of your process! We are here to help educate you on safely achieving your beauty goals with your lashes! Don’t forget to ask us about aftercare too so we can help these little lash beauties last as long as possible!