Lash extensions


Featuring a Bird of Advice from lash artist Khadija

U N I Q U E // I absolutely love when a client comes in with pictures of what they would like for their lashes to look like after their full set or refill. It gives me a guideline and ideas on how to achieve the clients expectations. As clients have expectations I as a lash artist and esthetician also have expectations and guidelines on knowing what I can and cannot do.

Part of my lash artistry is to explain to each and every client of mine that not two full sets are done the same. Simply because not all eyes are the same! Not everyone has the same amount of natural lashes, which can result in two different looks depending on the thickness of someone’s lashes. Some eyes are more deep set than others needing a different style than someone whose eyes are not as deep set. Every pair of eyes and lashes are different and unique in their own way.

I take pride in having the ability to know what may look best on one client verses another. Its up to me and my handy dandy lash tools to enhance each and everyone who walks into my studio. Defining and enhancing everyones beauty in a special, customizable and unique way is honestly my favorite part about being a Lash Artist!