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Lash Extensions by Aileen

Some food for thought from Hello Birdie lash artist Aileen:

Do you ever wonder why your lashes never look exactly like someone else’s?

No ones natural lashes are exactly the same as another so of course no ones lash extensions will be either! Shape, size, and color?!!! We’re all our own version of beautiful! I love when our clients bring in pictures because it gives us an idea of what style they are going for but most of the time the outcome isn’t always exactly the same. If you see a friend who has super long and thick lash extensions chances are their natural lashes are naturally long and thick. From classic lashes, volume lashes, thicknesses, lengths to the type of curl, there are many options when it comes to lash extensions. it’s important to talk to your lash artist about which will work best for you. Take into consideration the advice your artist may give you during your consultation.

Health is always our number one priority! Your lashes may not be strong enough to hold those extra thick extra long lash extensions without being damaged. Lash extensions enhance natural beauty and we only make your lashes as dramatic as your natural lashes can handle. So if you end up with more natural lashes than expected just remember that your lash look starts with your own unique beauty. We’re just lucky enough to be a part of your process! We are here to help educate you on safely achieving your beauty goals with your lashes! Don’t forget to ask us about aftercare too so we can help these little lash beauties last as long as possible!

Lash extensions


W E D D I N G lash extensions by Hello Birdie lash artist Hannah! Hannah specializes in both volume and classic lash extensions. Here are some pro tips from Hanna about your big day! 💕

If you’re trying to decide whether to use mascara, strip lashes or lash extensions for your wedding day, my vote will always be for lash extensions!

No messy glue, no running mascara, just seamless stunners that flawlessly maintain the look you want through all the happy tears, laughter and your wild reception dance moves 💃🏼

This bride-to-be chose a curl, length & pattern that resembled her natural lashes for her big day, which is a great choice if you want lashes that give you a “mascara only” look.

Being a part of a client’s glam team for one of the biggest events of her life is so special & such an honor!

I always suggest our clients book a full set of lash extensions a month before their wedding date and then to also book a lash fill as close to the wedding day as possible. This gives the bride time to decide if they want their fill to be done exactly as they were for the full set or adjusted to a longer/shorter length or even to volume lash extensions if they decide they want more depth 💫

Consultations are free and a great idea in taking the next step to planning your wedding make up, just to chat about what you want your lashes to look like and to see if we can make the dream work! It’s also a great idea to bring in some pictures of how you would like your lashes to look too! Lash artists are here to make you feel beautiful for your big day!




Lash extensions by Hannah

Lash extensions by Hannah

Lash extensions


Featuring a Bird of Advice from lash artist Khadija

U N I Q U E // I absolutely love when a client comes in with pictures of what they would like for their lashes to look like after their full set or refill. It gives me a guideline and ideas on how to achieve the clients expectations. As clients have expectations I as a lash artist and esthetician also have expectations and guidelines on knowing what I can and cannot do.

Part of my lash artistry is to explain to each and every client of mine that not two full sets are done the same. Simply because not all eyes are the same! Not everyone has the same amount of natural lashes, which can result in two different looks depending on the thickness of someone’s lashes. Some eyes are more deep set than others needing a different style than someone whose eyes are not as deep set. Every pair of eyes and lashes are different and unique in their own way.

I take pride in having the ability to know what may look best on one client verses another. Its up to me and my handy dandy lash tools to enhance each and everyone who walks into my studio. Defining and enhancing everyones beauty in a special, customizable and unique way is honestly my favorite part about being a Lash Artist!




Lash extensions


Foaming lash cleanser and lash cleansing brush

Foaming lash cleanser and lash cleansing brush

Well you’ve made the decision to get lash extensions! You’ve also decided you love them and can’t live without them! Now what can you do to help them last as long as possible? This is where regular lash cleansing routine can be helpful. Proper lash maintenance is pretty darn important. Not only does it keep your lashes feeling and looking fresh but it removes oils around your lash line. Those oils that you naturally produce can break down the adhesive bond created between your natural lash and the lash extension thus causing premature fall out. Insert extremely sad face here :( To cleanse your lashes use an oil-free foaming cleanser and a soft and gentle cleansing brush. Using cotton to cleanse your lashes may pull at the base of your lashes and cause your lash extensions to fall out. The soft bristles of a lash cleansing brush won’t get caught and pull out those beauties. We carry both products for you at the salon along with a variety of other fantastic products! Next time you are in, ask your lash artist more! We are always so excited to chat all things lashes, lashes, lashes!!!

Lash extensions



It’s been a treat watching trends in the art of lash extensions. Just few years back it was all about classic lashing. We are seeing more clients requesting the mega fluffy and soft volume lash extensions instead of classic lashes. With an application of 2-6 softer, thinner volume lash extension applied in a fan to one natural lash, we are able to attain looks from natural to bold. To be applied right, volume lashing take a bit more time and certainly more experience from the lash artist!. Each beautiful volume lash fan is carefully hand crafted by our talented and specially trained lash artists. Because we don’t use pre-made fans, we are able to design a look that is beautifully suited to each client based on the look you are trying to achieve and your natural lashes. We love the chance to enhance your natural beauty and send you Birdie Babes off with the magical feeling that only a nice fresh set of lashes can create! We are excited to now offer more availability for lash extensions! Give us a call at the salon or head over to our online booking to schedule your appointment now!!!